GARDEN ACCESSORIES: Accent Your Yard With Handmade Art

Everyone seems to be getting into the DIY mode with all the downtime on their hands due to the pandemic. With Etsy ( providing the perfect online vehicle to showcase (and sell) their custom wares, many people are doing just that. We recently perused the site and picked out some of our favorite handmade garden art that is both original and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Each link will take you to the vendor’s site so you can enjoy all of their creations.


DRAGONFLY STAKE—This lovely stainless steel dragonfly garden stake comes with a 10” stem, making it easy to push into the ground. Add several to a garden border, hanging basket or plant container. ($23.69) Handmade by Hephaestus, (


PEEKING KITTY—Cut from steel, this peering cat will keep an eye on your garden day and night. Attached with easy-to-install brackets, it measures approximately 6” x 5” ($14.36), Rustic Garden Art Shop, (


PORCELAIN POT—Ok, so maybe this one costs a bit more, but it’s so beautiful it’s worth checking out. The wheel-thrown porcelain planter features a crystalline glaze and is suitable for all plant types. It comes with a drainage hole and measures 9” high x 8.5” wide. ($228) Crystalline Gallery, (


PAINTED ROCKS—These cheerful hand-painted rocks decorated with zinnias are ideal for brightening up a windowsill or placed outdoors for a splash of color. The rocks, which are sealed, range in size from 3-4” wide and 2” high. ($17 each), Hiarfetti, (


BIRDS ON A BRANCH—A pair of metal swallows perched on a twig look almost real when viewed in silhouette. As time passes, the steel oxidizes and rusts naturally. Just hammer into a tree or fence and enjoy year-round. ($31.58), We Are Made About Metal, (


CHAKRA SUNCATCHER—This striking Mandala Suncatcher will grab anyone’s eye with its beautiful coloring and intricate design, especially when highlighted by natural light. Add your choice of Swarovski crystal beads or a glass prism. Measuring 3.5” in diameter, it comes in several designs and options. ($20), Melbecreations, (


CHICKEN YARD ART—It doesn’t get much cuter than this. These staked acrylic cutout chickens come in four designs, each with a red-painted comb on the top of the head. ($25 each/$79 set), Metal Unique Art, (


METAL PANSIES—Designed from recycled sheet metal and hand-painted with a sheer color that reflects the light, these vibrant pansies can be hung on a wall or staked in the ground. Available in two sizes—7” and 11”—no flower is exactly alike. ($20), RnT Metalworks, (


SEA GLASS SUNCATCHERS—Beach lovers will find these authentic sea glass ornaments the perfect garden or window decor. Accented with a metal mermaid (seahorse also available) and glass beads, each measures between 3-6” in length. ($16.99), Sea Glass by Amy US, (


GOURD BIRDHOUSE—Painted with acrylic and coated with spray lacquer, this peacock-themed birdhouse features a lively feathery design. It measures 12” high x 6” wide and comes with a stainless-steel wire for hanging. Other designs also available. ($45) Nanajacs Crafts, (

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