While garden gates are often used to provide security or privacy in the landscape, they also serve as welcoming entry points and decorative elements that bring personality to your yard. With so many options available, it makes sense to do your homework, research the internet for ideas and decide which materials work best for your climate before making a purchase. Here are some of Trademark Landscape’s favorite designs.

With its rustic, Southwest appeal, these painted wood gates with wrought-iron insets are the perfect fit for this Santa Fe-style garden. Set between stucco walls and accented with an overhead beam, the colorful doors play off the garden’s vibrant blooms.

Bold and beautiful, these Balinese security gates bring to mind Asian wall screens with their grand design and massive size. The heavy-duty wood doors, which feature peek-a-boo windows, were custom made for this Phoenix-area residence.

Distinctive for their intricate pattern and imposing presence, these arched metal gates make it clear that no entry is allowed until invited in. To soften the composition, exquisite blooming bougainvillea vines were planted on either side and allowed to intertwine overhead, creating a dramatic focal point.

A driveway entry gate can be a standout feature, too. This one opens with a push of a button and slides to one side of the property. Constructed of steel, it is painted with a special treatment meant to replicate a natural patina.

Courtyards offer the ideal spot for adding statement-making garden gates. With its Southwest flair and iconic sun motif, this custom-designed entry door adds visual impact in the landscape and serves as a welcoming beacon to visitors.

This hand-carved octopus-themed garden enclosure has plenty of personality. Made from thick, durable wood that stands up to the elements, its patinaed handle and inset accents make it a one-of-a-kind.

This garden gate provides a sense of privacy without blocking the light due to its stylistic look and open design. Over time it will weather to a soft gray patina.

From naturalistic to contemporary, an Asian-inspired entry—surprisingly—can suit a number of garden styles due to its classic nature and unique form. This timeless option often has cleaner lines and is a showpiece in the landscape.

This rusted metal gate not only suits its natural desert surroundings but also is designed to frame distant views. It makes a great choice for an informal yard.

Painting a gate with a playful color makes it come alive and helps it stand out. For this entry, situated directly off the main street in Santa Fe, the homeowner’s choice of cobalt blue offers a striking contrast to the burnt-adobe walls.

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