Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine – November 2020

It’s been said that every golf course has a signature hole. It’s the one everyone remembers for its challenging tee, tricky green or uneven fairway, but more often than not, it’s the hole with the most breathtaking view. For landscape designer Peggy De La Garza, it served as the perfect backdrop for a garden refresh.

Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine – October 2020

As lifelong East Coasters, the owners of this Scottsdale property were more accustomed to 

flora and fauna of the Mid-Atlantic and New England states than they were with the cacti 

and yucca of the Southwest, recalls landscape designer Peggy De La Garza. But when 

they decided to relocate to Arizona and build a new residence, access to the outdoors 

from as many rooms as possible and a desert-friendly landscape were at the top of 

their priority list. 

Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine – October 2019

Conceived more than 30 years ago by landscape designers Larry and Peggy De La Garza, the 

grounds of this golf course community in north Scottsdale were in need of a refresh when a 

couple purchased the property a few years ago. Loving the overall design of the gardens and 

wanting the same classic style, they brought the De La Garzas back to update the lot. “All of 

the boulder work was still intact and looked great, only the overgrown vegetation needed to 

be changed out,” Peggy recalls. 

Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine – August 2018

Packed with an abundance of majestic cactus specimens, this Scottsdale garden wasn’t always so breathtaking. When landscape designer Peggy De La Garza was asked to revitalize the property and adapt it to the taste of its new homeowners, she knew exactly what to do. “I like to use drought-tolerant desert plants and cluster them in sections, tuck things like variegated agaves around boulders and create elevation changes,” she explains. With the addition of massive yuccas and sagos and colorful blooming lantana, the designer created a soft desert environment that flows from front to back. “The entire landscape is pleasing to the eye,” say the homeowners. “It makes you feel like you are in your own private park surrounded by beauty at every level.”

Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine – April 2018

For landscape designer Peggy De La Garza, this showcase project in north Scottsdale allowed her to use her artistic talent to create a botanical masterpiece on an extremely rocky site using bold desert specimens. “We tore everything out and redid it,” she says. “All the garden areas are new, including the pots.” A dynamic mix of cacti, agaves and vivid seasonal flowers enlivens the home’s sleek exterior, and contemporary patio furnishings tie the outdoors in with the home’s modern vibe. “We asked Peggy to bring the best of Arizona’s natural desert to our lot,” say the homeowners. “She did all of that and more, creating not only beauty but a sense of privacy and grandeur that is truly remarkable.”

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