THINK OUTSIDE THE POT—Ten Container/Succulent Combos To Emulate

Pulling from the bluish-green hue in the leafy vegetation and stone topdressing, this textured pot makes a perfect match with a rosette-shaped succulent.
These mini ceramic containers with their Nordic patterns make a good choice for succulents that don’t have a lot of color or texture, as the plants don’t compete with the pots.

The shape of the coiled pot mimics the silhouette of this multi-layered succulent, creating visual congruity between the two.

Blue-on-blue and busy with sleek make this planting combination a winner.

An antique dough bowl filled with succulents and flowering cacti is topped with white sand, creating an earthy, organic centerpiece that would look great on any table.

This peek-a-boo pot, with its unexpected planting pockets, is a great fit for small-growing succulents. Top it off with a spike for height and you’ve got a clever garden vignette.

This dynamic plant arrangement, with its varying shapes, colors and textures, needs a simple pot to serve as a strong visual base. And what better color to help it stand out than black!

Sometimes strong pattern and texture work well together, as in this small pot pairing. Because the color of the container mirrors that of several succulent tips, the visual tapestry serves this combo well.

Once again, blue-on-blue is a striking combination when paired with succulents, which often have subtle shades of the sky interwoven in their green coloring.

How fun that succulents can serve as a living headdress for this antique urn! (Note the String of Pearls succulent strands hanging below the pearl necklace.) All it takes is a little creativity, some interesting, out-of-the-ordinary pots and succulents and a sense of play . . . then let your imagination soar!

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